Save Yourself Tristan

BITS 2015: “Save Yourself” Review

Director Ryan M. Andrews’ love letter to filmmaking and the horror genre, Save Yourself is a decidedly Canadian slasher film that never fails to entertain. The tale of moviemakers finding themselves in a real-life horror story isn’t a wholly unique one, but Andrews and company manage to add a fresh flavor to the recipe with […]

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Farhope Tower

BITS 2015: “Farhope Tower” Review

If there’s one thing independent filmmakers seem to love as much as zombies, it’s young people investigating haunted locations. There are dozens and dozens of these kinds of movies released every year, and standing out above the generic crap has become an increasingly difficult task. April Mullen’s Farhope Tower somewhat ironically finds a group of paranormal investigators […]

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“Submerged” Review

Coming straight out of 2005 is Steven C. Miller’s new action-thriller Submerged. Featuring an over-the-top plot, wacky action sequences, and enough melodrama to sink a ship, the movie is an exercise in absurdity that unfortunately lacks the campiness needed to propel itself into the upper echelon of popcorn cinema. Submerged opens up with a limo driver […]

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Horror Film “Blackburn” Receives New Trailer

Upcoming backwoods horror romp Blackburn has received its second trailer, and it’s sure to capture the attention of fans of such popcorn cinema. With a cast of horror veterans as well as young up-and-comers, and some solid practical makeup effects, there’s a lot to enjoy about the trailer alone. A forest fire and rock-slide trap […]

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All Through the House

“All Through the House” Books Portland Screening

Holiday slasher All Through the House (review) is set to make its Portland premiere at the 2015 PDXtreme Portland Underground Film Festival on December 5th. Having previously screened at the RIP Film Festival and the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, the movie is a fun throwback to the tongue-in-cheek horror films of the ’80s. […]

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“Applesauce” Review

Onur Tukel is currently one of the most fascinating independent filmmakers out there. With his recent directorial efforts, Summer of Blood and Richard’s Wedding, being two of the funniest comedies in recent memory. But Tukel’s sense of humor is unique and filled with references that the filmmaker doesn’t waste time explaining. His darkly comedic style […]

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The Final Girls

“The Final Girls” Soundtrack Hits Stores This December

Gregory James Jenkins’ synth-heavy score for Todd Strauss-Schulson’s horror-comedy The Final Girls is some of the greatest cinematic music released so far this year. Perfectly capturing the style of ’80s slasher movies, the film’s soundtrack is set to make its way to CD this December. The first track, “Camp Bloodbath Trailer,” pays tribute to Harry Manfredini’s score for the […]

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Jessica Cameron’s “Mania” Books December Screenings

Jessica Cameron’s Mania is a film that many folks in the independent horror community have been anxiously awaiting for quite some time. Since the picture was announced (along with Kill the PA and Desolation), we’ve received teasers and behind-the-scenes images every few months. Now the opportunity to see the finished product has arrived. A November […]

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Israeli Horror Film “JeruZalem” Gets a Release Date

Epic Pictures has announced a release date for the upcoming Israeli horror film JeruZalem. After a brief run on the festival circuit, the movie is now set to hit American theaters early next year. If the trailer is any indication, we’re all in for a wild, biblical, horrific ride. Directed by Doron and Yoav Paz, the […]

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A Christmas Horror Story

Blu-ray Review: “A Christmas Horror Story”

Christmastime horror anthology A Christmas Horror Story (film review) is one of the cooler holiday films to come along in quite some time. With segments directed by Steven Hoban, Grant Harvey, and Brett Sullivan, the movie features an ass-kicking Santa Claus, a bloodthirsty Krampus, a changeling, an evil spirit, and plenty of holiday cheer and […]

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