Giveaway: “Hangman” on Blu-ray

Found footage thriller Hangman is set to invade homes later this month, and we’ve got two Blu-ray copies to give away. As always, entering to win is easy, just shoot us an email at CinemaSlasherHorror@gmail.com with “Hangman” as the subject, and your mailing address in the body, and you’ll be instantly entered to win. As […]

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The Silence of the Lambs

Grey Matter Unveils New “Silence of the Lambs” Poster

Grey Matter has unveiled their new The Silence of the Lambs print by Florian Bertmer, and the highly-stylized imagery is sure to please fans of the film. An Academy Award-winning thriller, Jonathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs needs no introduction. You know it, you love it. Bertmer’s work is beautiful, and anyone who is obsessed with […]

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“Hangman” Review

The first eight minutes of Hangman are so unforgivably monotonous that they almost justify giving up on the film completely. An unseen figure wanders around seemingly aimlessly, participating in mundane activities, with no dialogue, no score, and no reason to pay attention. Mercifully, it finally becomes clear that the figure has begun placing hidden cameras […]

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Half Life

Epic Pictures Acquires “Half Life”

Earlier today, Epic Pictures announced that they have acquired the worldwide rights to upcoming sci-fi thriller Half Life. Appearing equally post-apocalyptic and futuristic, the film’s trailer delivers a lot of beautiful chaos, despite looking like a relatively contained film. Directed by Dagen Merrill (Beneath), the film stars Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings), Sarah Habel (Whip It), […]

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Party Night

New Trailer Teases a “Party Night”

If there’s anything I love more than hellacious parties, it’s ridiculously fun slasher movies. Upcoming slasher film Party Night looks to combine these two elements, though the new teaser looks to deliver a fair amount of frights as well. From a team of young filmmakers, Party Night promises to provide old-school scares in the form […]

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They Will All Die in Space

Short Film Review: “They Will All Die in Space”

Featuring a paranoia-filled plot and beautiful black-and-white cinematography, Javier Chillon’s They Will All Die in Space is a sci-fi thriller that — much like its title — gets straight to the point. A futuristic tale of space exploration and the potential dangers of cryogenics, the short film evokes the best elements of The Twilight Zone […]

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“Misconduct” Review

History has proven that nothing makes a relationship drama more compelling than raising the stakes to deadly levels. Shintaro Shimosawa’s Misconduct utilizes a murder mystery backdrop to analyze a married couple that is desperately trying — and failing — to rekindle their relationship; working their lives away in an attempt to keep their minds off of their […]

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Beach Week

Short Film Review: “Beach Week”

A tale of how nostalgia for the past can come back to haunt you, David Raboy’s Beach Week is an experimental short film that brilliantly channels the nostalgia of the best times of your life while simultaneously evoking the heartbreaking realization that things may never be as good as they once were. Set a year after […]

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First-Person Thriller “Pandemic” Shoots Up a Trailer

First-person cinema is extremely popular at the moment, and Pandemic looks to be the latest film to join in on that craze. Taking on the aesthetic of a high-paced first-person shooter, the film’s trailer looks to provide a video game-like aesthetic, while still keeping things live action. For both gamers and fans of action-packed cinema, […]

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The Hollow

New Stills Explore “The Hollow”

Upcoming small town thriller The Hollow has received a new batch of stills ahead of its upcoming release. Featuring a stacked cast of genre notables, the film is certainly one to keep an eye out for later on in 2016. Written and directed by Miles Doleac (The Historian), the film stars Doleac alongside James Callis […]

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