The Gallows

“The Gallows” Swings Home This Autumn

After its theatrical release this summer, found footage horror romp The Gallows is making its way to home video just in time for Halloween, and there are plenty of treats in store for genre fans. Both the theatrical version of the film and the initial “director’s cut” will be included in the release, which always […]

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Drug Deals The Green Inferno

New “Drug Deals” Episode Smokes “The Green Inferno”

In the latest episode of the comedy webseries Drug Deals (which airs on Eli Roth’s Crypt TV), a young couple decides to smoke an experimental strand of weed named “The Green Inferno.” Of course, side effects include red eyes, insatiable hunger, and the desire to consume human flesh. It’s brilliant promotion that doesn’t feel like […]

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TIFF: Horror Film “Baskin” Receives New Poster and Stills

Shortly before its upcoming premiere, Turkish horror film Baskin has received poster artwork and three new stills to accompany the previously-released images and festival trailer. Between the hellish trailer and beautiful poster art, genre fans will certainly want to add this film to their watch list. Five cops, working the graveyard shift in the middle […]

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Body poster

Discover a “Body” in This New Poster

A gorgeous new poster for upcoming genre romp Body has been unveiled, and evokes a very 1960s madcap vibe. The tale of three friends who find themselves in a messy predicament has received critical acclaim on the festival circuit, and is now set for a theatrical release. A darkly funny and twisted journey taking place […]

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“Nocturna” Sinks Its Teeth into a Release Date

There’s no more appropriate time to be a vampire than on Halloween, and that is preciously the season when upcoming bloodsucker romp Nocturna will be making its way to home video. The directorial debut of Buz Alexander, the film features a pair of policemen taking on an army of vicious creatures of the night. It’s Christmastime in […]

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Queen Crab

“Queen Crab” Crawls Its Way to Home Video This Fall

Stop-motion animation meets CGI in the upcoming shlocker, Queen Crab. The low-budget creature-feature evokes a 1950s tone as a small town community bands together to take down a giant monster from the deep—or be brutally murdered in the process. A meteor crashes into a quiet lake in the remote countryside, awakening a centuries-old beast. She emerges from […]

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Bloodsucking Bastards

“Bloodsucking Bastards” Review

Filmmakers have frequently addressed the fact that working a dead-end job is a living nightmare. They’re dull, unfulfilling, and the perfect environment to find unlikely heroes. Thus is the case with Bloodsucking Bastards, director Brian James O’Connell’s horror satire that takes a bite out of workplace comedies. After a horrible reaction to being told “I love you,” Evan (Fran Kranz) […]

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New “Deathgasm” Trailer is the Most Metal Thing You’ll See Today

Ahead of its U.S. release next month, festival favorite Deathgasm has received a new trailer, and it delivers the kind of metal insanity one would expect from such a film. The New Zealand genre romp garnered loads of critical acclaim, and is now set to invade theaters—in the most brutal fashion. New kid in town […]

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Knock Knock

Eli Roth’s “Knock Knock” Gets a New Trailer

A new trailer for Eli Roth’s upcoming home invasion thriller Knock Knock has been released, and it is sure to get genre fans excited for the director’s latest film. Mixing Roth’s trademark intensity with a story based on the classic warning of “be careful who you let in,” Knock Knock looks like a wildly suspenseful […]

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BoulderLight Pictures ‘Making Horror’ with Hong Kong Company

BoulderLight Pictures—the production company behind horror films like Contracted, Dementia, and Uncaged—has signed a three-picture deal with Hong Kong’s Making Film Limited. Under the banner Making Horror, BoulderLight and Making Film are expected to create a series of horror and thriller films with estimated seven-figure budgets. Hong Kong filmmaker Pang Ho-Cheung will serve as Executive Producer on […]

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