Crimson Peak

“Crimson Peak” Inspires Beer Collaboration

To celebrate the release of Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming gothic horror film Crimson Peak, the Alamo Drafthouse is teaming up with Firestone Walker to release a beer that is inspired by the film. Shut up and take our money! Perfect for the early fall season, “Crimson Peak” is a light-bodied ale that derives its refreshingly tart taste […]

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“Backwater” Swims Its Way Home

After a successful run on the festival circuit, backwoods thriller Backwater has received an official release date through Osiris Entertainment. The new trailer promises some intense fun for genre fans looking for an old-school-style horror tale. Cass and Mark are a couple on a camping trip to the distant countryside. When their seemingly secluded getaway […]

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Deep Dark

“Deep Dark” Finds a New Trailer

After a run on the festival circuit, atmospheric horror tale Deep Dark is set to makes its way to home video next month, and there’s a new trailer to hype the occasion. A strange tale of a mysterious hole in the wall, the trailer is unusually unsettling in a genuinely bizarre manner. Written and directed […]

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“Lavalantula” Erupts Home This November

After a successful television premiere, Syfy’s Lavalantula is expected to make its way to home video next month. B-movie absurdity from one of the most reputable directors of B-movie absurdity, the film is complete cheesy fun for fans of movies about spider-like monsters wreaking havoc after escaping from Earth’s core. After a dormant volcano erupts […]

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Krampus: The Reckoning

Holiday Horror Arrives in “Krampus: The Reckoning” Trailer

There have been a considerable amount of Krampus-themed horror films as of late, but none appear to have quite the CGI-heavy style of Krampus: The Reckoning. The upcoming low-budget horror film has a fascinating, almost video game-like trailer that is sure to leave audiences polarized. Zoe is a strange little girl, with a not so […]

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La Entidad

“The Entity” (2015) Review

Known as La Entidad in the film’s native Peru, director Eduardo Schuldt’s The Entity is a topical found footage film that mixes the relatable nature of the internet community with the consistent appeal of paranormal activity. For their film class assignment, four college students decide to make a documentary on the reaction videos floating around the internet. During […]

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“June” Review

Perhaps the biggest issue with films involving murderous children is that they often lack originality. Aside from a few gems, if you’ve seen one—you’ve seen them all. Director L. Gustavo Cooper’s June is one of the more unique movies in the genre to come along lately, but it unfortunately falls victim to its own set […]

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A Christmas Horror Story

George Buza Talks Being Santa Claus and “A Christmas Horror Story”

George Buza is an actor who has been working in the film industry since the 1970s. Perhaps best known for voicing Beast in X-Men: The Animated Series, Buza recently starred as Santa Claus in the holiday horror anthology A Christmas Horror Story. Earlier this week, I sat down with Buza to discuss the film and […]

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Charlie's Farm

“Charlie’s Farm” Creeps Home This Fall

Aussie slasher Charlie’s Farm is finally set to arrive on home video in the United States after a successful run in its native Australia. Featuring a cast of familiar faces as well as a genre legend, the film looks to be a fun romp for fans of horror cinema. In an effort to do something different, […]

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The Hive

“The Hive” Review

David Yarovesky’s The Hive is a unique kind of movie that miraculously manages to feel wholly original while simultaneously sharing similarities with numerous other films. Somewhat like a bizarre mixture of Memeto and The Signal with a pinch of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Evil Dead thrown in for good measure, The Hive is a coming-of-age love story with […]

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