Sinister 2

Spread the Fear with “Sinister 2″

A few weeks before Sinister 2 invades theaters across the country, the folks behind the film are determined to “Spread the Fear” in the form of a new online app that adds Bughuul to short, ten-second video clips. Visit the website to add the horrifying entity to a video of basically anything! In the aftermath […]

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The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein

“The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein” Review

As a filmmaker, Jess Franco is certainly an acquired taste. His frequent use of zooms, and tendency to utilize uncomfortably extreme closeups have been known to turn off many genre fans who simply aren’t prepared for his unconventional style. But I am firsthand proof that if you give his films a fair shot, you may […]

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The Basement

North America Cinema and Expo Tour for 1989’s “The Basement” Kicks Off

Timothy O’Rawe’s 1989 cult horror anthology The Basement is set to screen at independent movie theaters across North American in the coming months in the form of a cinema/expo tour. The tour kicks off on July 28th at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, followed by a free screening at the Texas Theatre on July 30th. Four […]

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Catch Me Daddy

“Catch Me Daddy” Creeps Into Theaters This August

Daniel Wolfe’s Catch Me Daddy is set to be released through Oscilloscope Laboratories, and if the early reviews are any indication, this is one you don’t want to miss. Directed by Wolfe from a screenplay he cowrote with his brother, Matthew, this “modern-day western” stars Sameena Jabeen Ahmed and Connor McCarron. Catch Me Daddy follows Laila, a teenager […]

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Bonnie's Kids

“Bonnie’s Kids” Blu-ray Review

We all love a good exploitation flick from time to time, and Glass Doll Films has recently released one of the “forgotten classics” of the ’70s on Blu-ray in the form of director Arthur Marks’ tale of criminal adventure—Bonnie’s Kids. After Ellie (Tiffany Bolling) walks in on her abusive stepfather trying to rape her fifteen-year-old sister, […]

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El Gigante

Raven Banner and Luchagore Join Forces on “El Gigante”

At the Frontières International Co-Production Market at Fantasia 2015, Luchagore and Raven Banner are set to work as a tag-team on the upcoming lucha libre genre romp El Gigante, which is to be directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero. The film tells the story of a deranged maniac in a Luchador mask named El Gigante who wrestles […]

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Puppet Master

Grey Matter Teams Up with Cavity Colors for “Puppet Master” T-Shirt

Grey Matter Art has teamed up with Cavity Colors and Full Moon Features to deliver a t-shirt celebrating one of the most prolific horror franchises of all time—Puppet Master. Designed by Dan Mumford, the wonderful artwork features all five puppets from the original film, which is sure to please longtime fans. Maybe we’ll get one commemorating […]

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Call Girl of Cthulhu

“Call Girl of Cthulhu” Set to Make a House Call This Autumn

Chris LaMartina’s Call Girl of Cthulhu (review) has received an official release date through Camp Motion Pictures, and it’s nice to see the distributor giving this one the good ole Blu-ray treatment, because it most certainly deserves it. Filled with wonderful practical effects, a sharp sense of humor, and the Midnight Crew Studios approach we’ve […]

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The Vatican Tapes

“The Vatican Tapes” Review

People, in general, have a deep-seeded love for possession movies. They’re part of our culture, and while there are plenty of awful ones, the great films in the genre have a life as eternal as Satan himself. There will always be a market for films of this nature, as religious horror fans—especially Catholics—seem to find […]

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Patch Town

Kino Lorber to Bring “Patch Town” Home

Kino Lorber is set to bring the dark fantasy, musical, adventure romp Patch Town to home video later this summer. The film, which was an official selection at Fantasia Fest, made quite an impact on the festival circuit, and is now looking for a following in the home video market. Based on its wacky synopsis, […]

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